About Be Coworking
Coworking Week Belgium is a Be Coworking initiative, the community and association of coworking spaces in Belgium, promoting New Ways of Working by collective actions and sharing best practices.

Contact our 3 co-presidents for your questions, interviews, images:
Brussels:    Anis Bedda, anis@transformabxl.be, 0487/54.85.60
Flanders:   Bart Scheenaerts, bart@blwrk.be, 0495/26.13.60 or 03/291.02.00
Wallonia:    Lisa Lombardi, Lisa.Lombardi@adn.be, 0474/43.27.36
                   from 16 to 20 Oct: Marina Evaristo, marina@louvaincoworking.be,  0489/81.59.85