What is the Coworking Belgium Week ?

The Coworking Belgium Week allows you to test coworking for free in each of the participating spaces (link) without commitment, the necessary time to get convinced of the many advantages of this new way of working and developing your business.

The Coworking Week Belgium gathers 25 coworking spaces in Belgium (Brussels, Flanders, Wallonia) and is coordinated by a “Coworking Devils” team composed of 3 regional coordinators (link to contact).

Why participate?

  • Get free access to the 25 participating shared workspaces (excluding meeting rooms) from 12th to 16th October, 2015 all across Belgium.

  • Get in touch and interact with our communities of (x) coworkers.

  • Access to events organized during the week .

  • Experience the positive effects of coworking: reducing of isolation, motivation, productivity, entrepreneurial mindset, business network, acquisition of new skills, well-being, ...

  • The conditions of participation are as simple as hello!

Just register via the form below...

bring your laptop and your smile:-)

How did we select the participating spaces?

The participating coworking spaces were selected based on the definition of the common elements of coworking spaces. We worked on the spirit of these guidelines, rather than a legalistic interpretation of the actual wording.

To be considered a coworking space it must:

  • Call itself a coworking space.

  • Have a fully dedicated space for coworking (not just a few hours or a cafeteria shared with patrons).

  • Have an active community of members, not just clients.

  • Have  a facilitator dedicated to connect the members and build trust among them, engaging in activities to build the coworking community.

  • Treat coworkers as 1st class clients.

  • Promotes and encourage collaboration, interaction and serendipity.

  • Offer one or many kinds of membership (full or part time).

  • Not discriminate (open decision-making:  set explicit, transparent, public limits on who can be a member and how they can participate; does not have implicit or hidden rules or processes for determining or excluding potential members).